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Hi everyone, having over 5 blogs is hard to keep up with so I have merged all my sims stories into one, The old updates will stay on here but I will be updating on my main site from now on. I will stay be Updating my stories on Saturdays.

Check out my main blog here

Chapter 2.5-Toddlers

The family love to dance

Kevin enjoys playing with the dolls house

James repaired the dishwasher

Keon is born.

Kevin enjoys making music

and being tickled

Kristine maxed her writing

she also did some painting

James got promoted

Jackson did some running

Jackson also cooked

Keon was soon a toddler.

James maxed his athletic skill

Kevin played with blocks

Chapter 2.4-Skills

Marisol soon had her birthday

Kevin enjoyed trying to fit the shapes in the different holes

He learnt to walk in the great outdoors despite the rain

He also learnt to talk

James got promoted

He did some dancing

and went jogging

He also repaired the bath

Kevin played with his toys

James threw a great party

he did some sports

Chapter 2.3- Repairs

James cooks breakfast

and does the washing

Marisol enjoys dancing

James worked out

Kevin is born with genius and friendly traits

Kristie goes dumpster diving

James gets promoted

Marisol and Jackson plays catch

Kristie feeds her son

James reads a book

and goes jogging

James does some repairs

Kristie is soon pregnant again.

Chapter 2.2-Dating

Kristie graduated

She visited the consignment store to sell what she found

James played chess

Kristie and James watched the stars together

Kristie was soon preganant

cleaning was done

Kristie used the computer

James and Kristie danced

Kristie paints

Jackson became a nerd

James used the radio to work out

Marisol became a jock

Kristie and James had dinner then went to see a movie.

Chapter 2.1- Romance

The family moved to a new house.

James got a job

He has started dating Kristie

They soon got engaged in the rain

Marisol danced

They had a joint bachelor party

Marisol mastered a skill

Kristie and James went on a date to the movies

They got married

Kristie went dumpster diving

Chapter 1.12- Summer Fun

Marisol makes a new friend

James is a good student

Marisol and Jackson had a water fight

Marisol repairs the tv

Marisol is finally a five star celebrity. That was a lot of work

Jackson improved his cooking

Marisol and Jackson watch tv

James gets promoted

The bills are not paid so the repoman takes the washing machine.

Marisol and James chat about video games

The family have a fun day out at the festival

James becomes a Young Adult and will now be leading the challenge. He added Party Animal to his other traits.

Chapter 1.11-Making New Friends

James repairs the dishwasher

Marisol repairs the tv

James goes to prom

He does some working out

Marisol makes some new friends

James repairs the tv

Jackson repairs the bath

James gets promoted

Jackson goes swimming

Marisol goes to a disco club

Chapter 1.10- Dates

James soon asked Kristine to prom and to be his girlfriend. Luckily she accepted both. They also had a great date at the theatre.

Marisol searches for scrap no matter the weather

James used the radio to work-out

He also developed athletic skill

Jackson cooks

and repairs

James and Kristine enjoy visiting the local arcade on their dates.

Jackson goes fishing

James does the laundry

he makes snowman with his girlfriends before the watch a movie

Jackson becomes an adult

Chapter 1.9- Growing Up

Marisol and Jackson still find time to be romantic

Marisol went searching for scrap for her inventions

James made a snowman

he does his homework

Marisol repairs the dishwasher

she works on her inventions

Marisol and Jackson take the day off from Fishing and inventing to spend some time with their son and they have a lovely family day out at the festival.

James enjoys pretending to be a prince

and making snow angels

Jackson and Marisol went on a date and enjoyed bowling

Jackson is now a teenager. he is Handy.

He got a job

he still enjoys making snow angels

He started dating too, Meet Kristine.