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Chapter 2.1- Romance

The family moved to a new house. James got a job He has started dating Kristie They soon got engaged in the rain Marisol danced They had a joint bachelor party Marisol mastered a skill Kristie and James went on a date to the movies They got married Kristie went dumpster diving

Chapter 6.1- The Start

Gerald starts writing another book He and Clem are still close and often go on dates together. Gerald got a job The apartment finally had some furniture. Gerald proposed in the club bathroom, luckily she accepted. He got promoted The bedroom and bathroom are complete, now just to work on the kitchen and living area.Continue reading “Chapter 6.1- The Start”

Chapter 1.7- Finishing the switch

Anabelle helps her children with their school projects she reaches the top of her career Jacob plays video games Anabelle achieves her aspiration she became an elder Jacob is the handyman around here Anabelle and Travis finally got married Anabelle painted more repairs The twins were soon young adults and Lisa was moved out toContinue reading “Chapter 1.7- Finishing the switch”