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Chapter 6.3-Childhood

Cathrine enjoys playing with dolls

she also loves to chatter away

she likes learning too

Clem enjoys jogging around the neighbourhood

Cathrine likes dancing

Conrad was soon a child

Clem got promoted

potty time

Conrad played with the dolls house

Gerald works on his latest book

Clem is expecting again

Gerald does some dancing

as does his dance queen daughter

Conrad works on his school project

The apartment is done but the family need to save up quite a lot of money for the next one so are staying for now

Cathrine plays with toys

she also likes to talk with her dad.

Chapter 6.2- Toddlerhood

moving to the next apartment

Gordon had a son with his wife

Clem soon had a son too, Meet Conrad

They finally have a bathroom but seem to constantly fix the sink


Conrad was soon a toddler

potty time

Gus is a teen now

Clem made dinner

she keeps in shape in the home gym

Conrad enjoys playing with toys

Clem was soon pregnant again

Gerald is doing well at work

Conrad enjoys blocks play too

Clem got promoted

Gerald achieved his aspiration

Cathrine is born

Clem dosen’t want her eldest to feel left out

Gerald got promoted again

Cathrine was soon a toddler.

Chapter 6.1- The Start

Gerald starts writing another book

He and Clem are still close and often go on dates together.

Gerald got a job

The apartment finally had some furniture.

Gerald proposed in the club bathroom, luckily she accepted.

He got promoted

The bedroom and bathroom are complete, now just to work on the kitchen and living area.

Gordon got married

as did Gerald

Clem wants to be an athlete.

Gerald mastered writing

Clem is the main cook too

she also has some workout equipment so she can keep in shape.

she also enjoys working out at the gym.

The apartment was finally complete with a value of 8,084 simolens

Time to move onto the next one

Clem had some news too


Clem loves her new kitchen

Apartment two is done with a final value of 20, 219 simolens

Chapter 5.4- Birthdays

More repairs were needed.

Gerald got his aspirations done

Gus is born

The twins were soon teenagers.Gordon is a perfectionist and Gerald a snob.

Gus became a silly toddler.

Gloria started potty training them.

Exersize time

Gus enjoys playing with toys

father and son bonding time

Gus became a self-assured child

Lawrence became an elder

He retired

Gerald now has a girlfriend

The twins became young adults. Gerald is ambitous and Gordon a bookworm.

The apartement is complete too at 103,00 simolens and Gerald has been moved into his frist apartment, see you in the final switch.

Chapter 5.3- Suprises.

The boys are very close and like playing together.

Gerald played some music

Lawrence did some Yoga.

Gordon enjoyed playing pirate

Gloria became an adult.

doing some painting

playing on the monkey bars

playing computer games

Gerald achieved his aspiration

Lawrence did some repairs

Gordon achieved his aspiration

Lawrence and Gloria are doting hands on parents

Lawrence repaired the computer

Gerald achieved another promotion

Gerald made some new friends

Gloria got promotions.

Lawrence helped the boys with thier school work

Lawrence enjoys reading to his son.

The twins enjoy playing chess together

Gerald achieved another promotion

Gloria was soon expecting her 3rd child.

Lawrence did some cleaning

He also used the gym.

Chapter 5.2- Additions

Lawrence and Gloria work on thier skills

Lawrence gets promoted.

The apartment is finished with a final value of 46, 550 simolens.

They decided to have a baby now they both have enough funds to support a family.

They move onto the final apartment


Lawrence enjoys dancing

The twins are born, Meet Gerald and Gordon

Lawrence does some repairs

He also enjoys jumping in trash.

The twins were soon toddlers. They are both Independant.

Now he dosen’t like his brother

Promotions happenned.

Toddler Spam

Lawrence became an adult

The twins soon had thier birthday. Gerald is Creative and Gordon is Active.

Chapter 5.1- Starting Out

Lawrence is ready to take on his switch

He joined the politics career right away

He did some painting

He met up with girlfriend Gloria to catch up

They even got married there

Lawrence really believes in his cause

Gloria and Lawrence love to be romantic

Gloria gets a job to hrlp with funds

Lawrence gets promoted

He does some tasks for work

painting a political picture

Apartment one is complete with a value of 8, 212 simolens

Lawrence was soon promoted again

Gloria and Lawrence move into thier next home.

Lawrence paints

He is doing great at work

He completed his aspiration

The 2nd Apartment was soon complete with a final value of 28, 156 simolens.

Gloria got promoted

They move to Apartment number 3

Chapter 4.5-Family time

Charles did some singing

More cousins

Larry completed his aspiration and now wants to be a painter.

Larry painted

Larry has started dating a childhood friend Gloria

Larissa completed another aspiration

Larry went out dancing with his girlfriend.

Larissa got promoted

The family enjoy playing video games together

The final look of the final apartment. It is valued at 85, 606 simolens.

Larry was soon a Young Adult and ready to start his journey of apartments. His traits are : Outgoing, Creative and Ambitious. His aspiration is Painter Extradionaire.

Chapter 4.4- Aspirations

Larry chose a new aspiration

He did some science

Larissa completed her aspiration

Larry had fun on the swing

two aspirations down, two to go

He will work on artistic prodigy next

He has two cousins who will be much younger then him

Larissa chose a new aspiration

she got promoted

Larry completed his 3rd aspiration and moved onto the final one

He got promoted

Larry is doing well at school

Charles did some woodwork

Charles and Larry played chess

Final aspiration completed

another cousin is born

Lawrence is a teenager. His traits are top notch toddler, physically gifted, creatively gifted, mentally gifted, socially gifted, outgoing and Creative. His Aspiration is friend of the world.

he did some cooking

He will soon have more cousins

he did karoake


Chapter 4.3- Achievements

Charles is becoming quite well known from his novels.

Larissa got promoted

Charles loves playing with toys in his room

He also likes dancing

Larissa got a new job

playing with dolls together

Larissa got promoted

having fun on the beach

Lawrence was soon a child. He is outgoing and his aspiration is social butterfly.

He started working on his aspiration right away.

Larissa got promoted

Larry still loves to dance

Larissa and Charles had their birthdays

playing with toys in the kitchen

Working hard on his aspiration

Charles got promoted

as did Larissa

aspirations were completed