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Chapter 1.8- Winter

Jackson Unclogged the toilet

He also cleaned it

Jackson went fishing

James did some baking

Marisol got awarded

Marisol met and made friends with some celebs

Jackson made a hockey snowman

Marisol made a snow angel

she became an adult

Marisol enjoys reading skill books to her son before bed.

Chapter 1.7- Making Some Money

Jackson went fishing early in the morning to see if he could catch some more fish.

Marisol got promoted

Marisol and Jackson finally have enough money to update the house a bit

Marisol repairs the bath

she meets and makes friends with some new celebs

Jackson catches some big fish

James enjoys pretending the sofa is a car. Marisol and Jackson were able to buy a washing machine and dryer.

Marisol ensures she finds time to talk to her son about his day

she does the laundry

she repairs the tv

James plays with the dolls house

Marisol gets an award

Chapter 1.6- Promotions

Marisol inventions are selling well

James loves to be tickled

Marisol repairs the sink

Marisol celebrity status is improving.

The inventions and fish are selling well

Marisol gets promotions

she cuddles her son

she watches some tv.

James becomes Ambitious as a child.

He likes to talk about his favourite things with his mum

he still loves the blocks table but now builds things with them

James also likes to work out using the tv.

Chapter 1.5- Making Some Money

Marisol works on her inventions whilst her son sleeps

Once James is awake, they go on visits around town so Marisol can make friends with the celebirities.

When Jackson is not fishing, He stays with James so she can work out at the gym as they cannot afford a babysitter.

When Jackson is out, Marisol uses the tv to work-out

Jackson has started selling his produce at the consignment store too as they pay more then the supermarket.

Marisol repaired the sink

then mopped the house

Jackson mastered the fishing skill

he cleaned the sink

Jackson’s fish are selling well and he even got a promotion. Marisol’s inventions are selling well too.

Chapter 1.4- Toddler Skilling

Marisol went to the store to put some more of her inventions up for sale

She soon had sold enough to get promoted

Jackson is committed and goes fishing no matter what the weather.

Soon Baby James was no longer a baby but a toddler. He was a great mix of both parents with his mums hair and dads eyes.

Marisol taught him to talk

use the potty

and walk

James enjoyed playing with blocks

and inserting shapes into the peg box

Marisol went to the scrap yard to collect more scrap

whilst at home Jackson spent some time playing with his son

He also enjoys taking James on strolls around town

James also still spends a lot of time fishing

Chapter 1.3- A New Arrival

Marisol and Jackson were sleeping when Marisol went in labour. They caught a taxi to the hospital and Marisol gave birth to their son James who will be the only child of this generation. Marisol had an okay labour and James was born with the Hydrophobic trait. He also has the Athletic trait.

His room was quickly decorated and furnished in his favourite colour of Spiceberry.

Marisol got back to her inventing

she soon increased her skill

Then she started a fire which she put out whilst her husband has a panic attack.

Jackson stayed at home to care for James whilst she put her inventions up for sell at the consignment store.

Jackson is a very hands on dad

Marisol made some sandwiches for lunch

Jackson went fishing and improved his skill

Marisol used the tv to workout so she could stay at home with James whilst Jackson fished and sold his catch.

She also did some cleaning

and spent some time playing and cuddling with her son

James returned home to care for James and Marisol went on a scrap hunt

Chapter 1.2- Networking

Marisol met celebrity Frankie whilst searching for scrap and they soon became friends.

Marisol status is going up which is a good thing as the goal is to be a five star celebrity.

Marisol goes to the scrap yard daily to collect more scrap for her inventions

She also enjoys cooking

She meets another celeb at the junkyard, I wonder why they enjoy hanging out there

She works out at the gym

Jackson is busy fishing

she meets and befriends Celebs at the gym too

Marisol is rising up the ranks.

Chapter 1.1- It’s a colourful life

Hello and Welcome, I have started a new challenge, this is my last one as I have nine now to keep me occupied during this lock down. This time I am starting a Sims 3 Random Legacy challenge in which you roll for just about everything, I have put a link to the rules and rolls in my about and contents page.

Now to Introduce my Founders. This is Marisol Starburst. Her traits are Eccentric, Star Quality, Ambitious, Charismatic and Schmoozer. Her Lifetime Wish is to have the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Her favourites are Pancakes, pink and pop Music.

This is her Husband Jackson. Yes the Martial Structure is Couple. His traits are Angler, Loves outdoors, Handy, neat and Heavy Sleeper. His Lifetime wish is presenting the perfect private aquarium. His favourites are Indie Music, Ratatouille and Hot-Pink.

and this is their house. It’s very interesting looking with their favourite colours. The Misc Fun was it’s so you.

They started working on their careers right away, They are Inventor and Angler.

Marisol was the first to register her craft at city hall

She then went searching for scrap

Jackson was next

He soon caught and sold enough fish to get a promotion

He spends his days fishing hoping to get enough money to improve the furnishings at his and Marisol’s home.

Marisol works’s on her work too but finds some time to have fun at the local clubs and bars.

Jackson also enjoys cooking dinner

Their family was about to grow, Marisol was soon pregnant.

Chapter 6.5- That was hard work

Conrad chats away to mr unicorn

He also plays with dolls

Cousin Trace is a teen

Cath plays with dolls too

Conrad becomes a teenager

Cane a child

Cane and Cath are quite close

Cane also enjoys playing computer games

Conrad enjoys painting

Gerald mastered his career

He is now a Freelancer

He likes using the new climbing wall

Clementine got a new job

Cathrine became a teenager

The siblings are quite close and are always talking

Cane feeds the new pets

Clem gets promoted

Gerald achieves his aspiration

The boys have their birthdays. Conrad is now a young adult and Cane a teen. The Challenge is complete.

The penthouse’s final value is 350,251 simolens and what fun it was getting it that high

Chapter 6.4- The final home

Conrad is a good student

he also likes to do art

Cane is born

Gerald gets promoted

he is also an adult

Dancing time

Cathrine was soon a child too

she enjoys science

Conrad enjoys video games

Cath is a good big sister

Cane was soon a toddler

daddy and son bonding

moving onto the last apartment

Gerald starts his new aspiration.

Gus is a young adult

Gerald does some cooking

Cane plays with blocks

Cathrine does some art

Clementine gets promoted

Conrad plays the violin