Chapter 2.4- Birthdays

On to the final apartment

Toddler Jayne

Working on thinking with daddy

Lisa paints whilst her daughter plays games on her tablet

Harold becomes an adult

He also gets promoted

Jayne plays

Lisa become a adult

Jayne works on her thinking

Jayne was soon a child

Opening presents together

Playing the violin

Chapter 2.3- Now there is 3

Lisa does some painting


Mastering Painting

Donating to a protest

doing some painting

Harold got promoted

Working on their skills

The finished apartment, Value: 30, 480 but Lisa and Harold are staying for now and saving up a nest egg for the final apartment

Lisa was soon pregnant

Promotions happened

Jayne is born

Chapter 2.2- Promotion Train

Watching Tv for tv premier day

Harold got promoted

Apartment is finally finished with Value of 8, 399, the 2nd bedroom was turned into a office

Lisa got promoted

Moving onto apartment 2

What they could afford in the next apartment

Working on their painting and writing

Harold got promoted

Lisa made a snowpal

she also made a mural at the arts centre

Apartment 2 finally finished and had a toddler room despite the fact no toddler is in sight, final value 16, 248.

Moving on to Apartment 3, looks like it’s going to be fun

Chapter 2.1- Meeting new people

Lisa moved into her 1st home and funds were reduced to 0

She heads to the lounge and gets some free chips for dinner

she does some singing and even earns some tips for doing so

Lisa decides to become a painter

showering at the gym

Finally Lisa was able to buy a bed

Lisa met Harold at the bar and they soon hit if off becoming friends

Lighting fireworks at the humor and hijinks festival

Getting promoted and getting a free easel too

Marrying and moving in Harold

Harold joins the writer career

Lisa working on her paintings

Chapter 1.7- Finishing the switch

Anabelle helps her children with their school projects

she reaches the top of her career

Jacob plays video games

Anabelle achieves her aspiration

she became an elder

Jacob is the handyman around here

Anabelle and Travis finally got married

Anabelle painted

more repairs

The twins were soon young adults and Lisa was moved out to continue the next switch. Jacob is a Perfectionist, Bookworm, Genius who wants to be a nerd brain. Lisa is Creative, Self-Assured and Ambitious and wants to be a City Native.

The Final Apartment and the value came to over 70,000 simolens so they well and truly met their goal.

Chapter 1.6- Teenagers

The twins were soon teens. Jacob now loves to read and Lisa becomes confident easily.

Mother and daughter bonding

Travis got promoted

He started working on his charisma

Lisa did some painting

Jacob made a mirror

Anabelle did yoga

The twins like using their parents room to do homework

Jacob did some repairs

Travis is now an elder

Anabelle played video games

she helped the twins with their homework

Chapter 1.5- Aspirations

The twins enjoy playing chess together

Travis achieved his aspiration

Anabelle got promoted

Lisa making pictures in her Art Nook

Dancing with father winter at a nightclub

Reading stories by the fireplace

another promotion

Lisa achieved her promotion

Anabelle got promoted

Jacob enjoys making potions and doing experiments

The twins are quite close and are always playing and chatting with each other

Jacob also achieved his aspiration.

Chapter 1.4-Birthday Time

Being Independent, the twins mostly entertain themselves, Lisa loves babbling away to the bear and Jacob enjoys building with the blocks.

Lisa also likes to play imaginative games with the toys

Sibling love, How cute

Lisa can be a handful sometimes and likes to splash around in the toilet

Travis cooked dinner for the family

Comforting Lisa after a potty accident

Anabelle and Travis were soon adults

Anabelle mastered the writing skill

Travis is doing great at work

The twins were soon toddlers. Jacob is a genius and Lisa is creative

Working on tasks for work.

Chapter 1.3- Adding to the family

Travis plays games to up his fun after a hard day at work

The hard work pays off though and the apartment is finally ready and the family can move on to the 3rd one.

Travis got an investment opportunity

Then it was time to move onto the next apartment

Both Anabelle and Travis got promoted and good thing too

Yes that’s right as they were expecting an addition to the family

The 3rd Apartment was finally done and their child would be born in the last one.

Moving to their final home

Travis got promoted

The twins were born. Meet the heir Lisa and her twin brother Jacob

They were soon adorable and independent toddlers

Chapter 1.2- and then there were two

Anabelle had to call the landlord as the apartment electric box was making weird noises and the pipes were leaking. Also she kept being woken up by weird scratchy noises.

Anabelle invited Travis over and asked him to move in. Look she even has a full bathroom,a fridge and counter now

They soon shared their first kiss and Travis became Anabelle’s boyfriend.

Anabelle was soon promoted

She started writing some more books seeing as they are what pay the most

Travis got promoted too

The Apartment was finally finished with a final value of 8, 204 simolens.

It was time to move on to Apartment 2

Travis got promoted

Anabelle cooked breakfast for the family in her new kitchen

she also enjoys dancing

She also got promoted

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