Chapter 4.2- careers

Charles chose a new aspiration. He had completed his other one.

Larissa got promoted

she played the guitar

Jayne died

Charles did a work out


Soon a baby was on the way

Larissa got promoted

Larissa chose a new career

Charles got promoted

The apartment was finaly finished with an value of 40, 143. Now they are just saving up enough money to furnish the last apartment when they move there.

Charles repaired the computer.

Larissa enjoys playing with toys

Soon Lawrence was born.

He was soon an independent toddler

It was soon time to move to the final apartment

potty training time.

Charles did flashcards with his son

Larissa got promoted

Dancing fun

Daddy and son dancing

Charles got promoted

playing chess together.

Chapter 4.1- Additions

Charles got a job in social media

money was needed so Charles started writing some books

He also did some cloud gazing with Larissa

He mastered the writing skill

he couldn’t afford a bed yet so bench sleeping it was in winter

He was soon promoted

No more bench sleeping but he did have to constantly repair as everything broke at night.

Another promotion

The apartment was finally finished with a value of 8,522 simolens.

Apartment two it is and we even have money to furnish it.

having his first kiss

giving speeches in a towel in winter

Larissa moved in and got a job

she made friends with the other residents

Larissa did some reading in the study

Ricardo died of old age

The apartment was finally finished with a final value of 17,684 simolens

moving to apartment 3

Larissa enjoys cooking in the new kitchen

Larissa and Charles got married

Charles got promoted

Chapter 3.6- Scouts king

Chelsea loves being swung around

Charles loves collecting badges

Meet his new friend who loves to wear sunglasses all the time

Reading time, Chelsea loves books

Charles finally got all the badges


having fun in the pool


Chelsea still loves to chatter away to her brother

She also loves dancing

Making Snowpals together

Charles is now ready to start switch 4.

Chapter 3.5-Aspirations

Jayne wanted to have another baby

She was soon to get her wish

she loves to dance

Charles finally achieved his aspiration

He chose a new one

He made some art

Little Chelsea was born

Another aspiration down

The children had their birthdays

Chelsea adores her brother and follows him everywhere.

Charles works on his writing

He also does some repairs

Chapter 3.4-Birthdays

Charles is very affectionate and loves to hug

Ricardo decided to become a professional gamer

Ricky and Jayne were soon adults

Charles plays with toys

Jayne gets promoted

Goal 1 is done, the apartment is finished with a value of 78, 430 simolens

Charles becomes a child

Ricky gets promoted

Charles joins the scouts

He also becomes best friends with his dad

He is doing great at scouts too

Another Goal done, Jayne reached the top of the critic career.

Chapter 3.3- Their Final Home

Jayne was soon expecting

She is doing great at work too

The couple work hard to improve their finances so they can move to their final home.

It pays off for Ricky as he gets promoted

They move to their final home, it has three floors and even a pool

They are able to afford a bathroom, kitchen/dining area and bedroom, Jayne does some painting as soon they will need a nursery

She achieves her aspiration

Little Charles is born

She gets promoted

Just in time too as little Charles is now a toddler

Charles is a daddies boy

Mum is the one who works on the hard stuff

Chapter 3.2- Promotions

Richardo and Jayne work on making more money to furnish the apartment

Jayne got promoted and decided to become an arts critic

Ricardo also got promoted

Jayne mastered painting

She is becoming quite well known

She also got another promotion

The Apartment was finished with a value of 16, 007 simolens and the couple were ready to move on.

Ricky was soon promoted again

Jayne enjoyed listening to musicians at the art quarter



The Apartment is finished but they will be saving up before moving to the final apartment, Value is 40, 321 simolens.

Chapter 3.1- Park Sleeping

Jayne was ready to take her part in creating great apartments

she got a job as a critic

With no money she spends a lot of time napping on community lots

She does spend a lot on time at this venue, it’s where she met Richardo after all, they even had their first kiss there.

She bought an easel which she uses to paint

she also does some writing, she’s saving up for a bed

Soon she had earnt enough to afford a bathroom and bedroom. She invited her boyfriend over and they got engaged and married, He then moved in and was a police officer, that would soon change.

He got a job as a tech guru instead

They work together on their tasks for work and also to make money

Their hard work paid off and soon they were able to afford a kitchen

Soon their home was ready and it was time to move on. The total value is 8, 564 simolens.

time to move and they had a fairly good amount of money to furnish their new apartment

They were able to afford, a bedroom , bathroom, kitchen/dining area and some items for work.

Chapter 2.6- Ending the Switch

Lisa works on her video gaming

Jayne paints

Lisa repairs the bath

she masters the singing skill

Jayne plays video games

Lisa helps Jayne with homework

Harold gets promoted

He becomes an elder

Lisa gets a raise

Lisa wins the gaming competition at geek con and achieved her aspiration.

She becomes an elder

Jayne is ready to go out on her own and complete switch 3.

Chapter 2.5- Aspirations

Harold and Lisa both need logic for their promotions so play chess together

Jayne completed her aspiration

Lisa mastered the painting career

Harold helped his daughter with her school project

Lisa helped her daughter with her emotions by listening to her even when she decided to become a bear

she also plays dolls with her

Final Apartment value 109, 989. Downstairs is the kitchen, dining and living area. Upstairs are two bathrooms, a master bedroom with attached nursery/toddler bedroom, a children’s room and a teen room.

Harold got promoted

Jayne is doing great in school

Harold achieved his aspiration

Jayne does some science

She becomes a teenager who loves art.

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