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Chapter 1.1- It’s a colourful life

Hello and Welcome, I have started a new challenge, this is my last one as I have nine now to keep me occupied during this lock down. This time I am starting a Sims 3 Random Legacy challenge in which you roll for just about everything, I have put a link to the rules and rolls in my about and contents page.

Now to Introduce my Founders. This is Marisol Starburst. Her traits are Eccentric, Star Quality, Ambitious, Charismatic and Schmoozer. Her Lifetime Wish is to have the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Her favourites are Pancakes, pink and pop Music.

This is her Husband Jackson. Yes the Martial Structure is Couple. His traits are Angler, Loves outdoors, Handy, neat and Heavy Sleeper. His Lifetime wish is presenting the perfect private aquarium. His favourites are Indie Music, Ratatouille and Hot-Pink.

and this is their house. It’s very interesting looking with their favourite colours. The Misc Fun was it’s so you.

They started working on their careers right away, They are Inventor and Angler.

Marisol was the first to register her craft at city hall

She then went searching for scrap

Jackson was next

He soon caught and sold enough fish to get a promotion

He spends his days fishing hoping to get enough money to improve the furnishings at his and Marisol’s home.

Marisol works’s on her work too but finds some time to have fun at the local clubs and bars.

Jackson also enjoys cooking dinner

Their family was about to grow, Marisol was soon pregnant.

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Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog, My name is Samantha. I work with children, and in my spare time, I enjoy playing Sims and reading. I love playing with sims and doing challenges. I have quite a lot.

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