Chapter 6.5- That was hard work

Conrad chats away to mr unicorn

He also plays with dolls

Cousin Trace is a teen

Cath plays with dolls too

Conrad becomes a teenager

Cane a child

Cane and Cath are quite close

Cane also enjoys playing computer games

Conrad enjoys painting

Gerald mastered his career

He is now a Freelancer

He likes using the new climbing wall

Clementine got a new job

Cathrine became a teenager

The siblings are quite close and are always talking

Cane feeds the new pets

Clem gets promoted

Gerald achieves his aspiration

The boys have their birthdays. Conrad is now a young adult and Cane a teen. The Challenge is complete.

The penthouse’s final value is 350,251 simolens and what fun it was getting it that high

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