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Chapter 4.1- Additions

Charles got a job in social media

money was needed so Charles started writing some books

He also did some cloud gazing with Larissa

He mastered the writing skill

he couldn’t afford a bed yet so bench sleeping it was in winter

He was soon promoted

No more bench sleeping but he did have to constantly repair as everything broke at night.

Another promotion

The apartment was finally finished with a value of 8,522 simolens.

Apartment two it is and we even have money to furnish it.

having his first kiss

giving speeches in a towel in winter

Larissa moved in and got a job

she made friends with the other residents

Larissa did some reading in the study

Ricardo died of old age

The apartment was finally finished with a final value of 17,684 simolens

moving to apartment 3

Larissa enjoys cooking in the new kitchen

Larissa and Charles got married

Charles got promoted

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